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Risk Assessment of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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In certain situations, the human body is a perfect environment for microorganisms to grow. Both harmless and harmful microorganisms are found on our skin, mucous membranes, and other body orifices. Normal flora is microorganisms that live both on and/or in our body in a symbiotic and non-harmful relationship with us. Every day we are constantly […]

Can wearing a face mask protect you from Coronavirus?

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People wearing face masks when they are not in clinical environments is a common sight these days. Air quality in some regions has meant increased use of surgical style face masks in the hope of filtering out pollution.  In dentistry, clinical staff work in close proximity to patients and safety should always be at the forefront […]

Coronavirus Infection Explained

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Viral Evolution – A Timely Reminder in Support of a Back to Basics Approach What is a virus? Viruses are microorganisms that exist almost everywhere. They can infect most living things including humans, animals, plants, fungi and even bacteria. Some viral infections occur with little or no impact to the host but others have the […]


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Reused and reduced. Recycled and repurposed. Composted and compounded. Historically in dentistry, we have been a high waste, non-reusable industry. We’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to reduce and reuse but there seem to be numerous obstacles in doing so, such as cost, compliance and regulations, and of course, patient perception of reusable items in a clinical environment. […]

What information should your Infection Prevention Policy & Procedures Manual include?

What information should your Infection Prevention Policy & Procedures Manual include?

Estimate reading time: 3 – 5 mins An integral piece of your required documentation at your practice, in adhering to Australian and New Zealand Compliance protocols, is the Infection Prevention Policy and Procedures Manual. This manual must be an ultra-comprehensive document that includes information about procedures specific to the daily routines of your practice. It serves […]

Random Infection Control Audits to happen in NSW

Random Infection Control Audits to happen in NSW

The Dental Council of NSW has issued an important announcement on the. 7th of November 2018 that it will carry out random infection control audits at dental practices whether or not a practitioner or practice has been subject to a complaint. “Following a serious infection control breach, identified by the Council in July 2018 at a dental […]

Prime Practice: Infection Control Self-Assessment

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Prime Practice Compliance, a division of Prime Practice, is launching Infection Prevention Online Self-Assessments. The Online Self-Assessment will allow Australian and New Zealand dental practices to undertake fast, cost-effective assessments that are fully compliant with the current AUS/NZ standards for infection prevention. The Audit tool will produce a comprehensive audit report and action plan, fully referenced and up to date, so practices can ensure they are compliant. […]