Meet the team

With a heavy focus on standards, guidelines and regulatory body governance it can seem like the requirements and demands on dental practices is becoming increasingly complex, time consuming and expensive.

In response to growing demand and concern from clinicians for current, relevant and independent information; Prime Practice Infection Prevention & Control (formerly Prime Practice Compliance) was established to address these needs and support practices with achieving reproducible and documented outcomes.

Over the last several years we have helped hundreds of practices improve and maintain their infection prevention standards.

Our team are all experienced Infection Prevention & Control Specialist Consultants with over 85 years combined experience in dentistry. While our focus is Infection Prevention & Control, we also offer Ergonomics and Four Handed Dentistry and plan to expand our solutions into Health and Safety in the future.

Debby Morin

Clinical Director

Combining Clinical and Sales & Marketing experience, Debby has been a registered Dental Hygienist for over 23 years in addition to holding a Bachelor of Science in Oral Health. Perfectly bilingual in French and English, her business career spans across large organisations that focus on sterility assurance. This is where she discovered her interest for the safety of dental practices and their patients. Her extensive knowledge in Infection Control has been used in both the medical and dental settings for over two decades.

Her expertise in the reprocessing of medical devices alongside the OSAP (Organization for Safety Asepsis and Prevention) certification and training in dental device reprocessing, sets her apart as an expert in her field. She continues to deepen her knowledge in Infection Prevention with a deep passion to educate. Having attended, organized, and hosted numerous learning events on everything Infection Control all over North America, Debby continues to play a leading role in the dental community when it comes to Infection Prevention & Control.

Debby is an active member of the AQRDM (Association Quebecoise en Retraitement des Dispositifs Médicaux) and OSAP. Her life-long devotion to the business of dentistry has made her a trusted advisor in the North American Dental Industry helping dental teams meet and exceed their legal and ethical obligations for compliance.

Megan Sharpe

General Manager, Practice Solutions

With a clinical background and a passion for dentistry, specifically Infection Control, Megan Sharpe ensures all members of the team are clear about their roles, responsibilities and accountability for the management of the infectious cycle and the reprocessing of instrumentation and equipment.

Meg is well known throughout Australia and New Zealand and has been working in the dental industry for over 30 years. She first started her career in practice and then moved into sales and sales management roles with a major dental distributor; where she then went on to set up the Professional Services Division. It was in this role that she developed her many training and development presentations around a range of subjects including Infection Prevention and Sterilisation, Ergonomics and Four Handed Dentistry, and Dentistry 101 (for those new to the dental industry). In her many years in the industry, Meg has trained and audited hundreds of practices, and is very involved with the New Zealand Dental Association, the New Zealand Dental Council and many other industry leaders in Infection Prevention across Australia and New Zealand.

In recognition for all her increasable contributions to the Dental Industry, Meg was awarded the 2018 Honorary Membership Award by the New Zealand Dental Association.

Karen Houghton

Practice Solutions and Business Development Manager

Karen has almost 30 years’ experience in the dental industry with an extensive clinical experience undertaken both in New Zealand and Great Britain across multiple dental modalities. After 15 years in the clinical environment she then moved on to work for a major dental supplier looking after practices for their consumables and then, capital equipment needs. It was during this tenure that Karen met and worked with Meg Sharpe and became interested in training and development with a focus on Infection Prevention.

She a New Zealand Dental Association qualified Dental Assistant and have been mentored by Meg for the best part of 10 years. Her unwavering passion for dentistry and a comprehensive understanding of clinical challenges and practice workflows means she can easily relate to the challenges faced by dental practices today.

Karen’s belief is that the sterilisation room is the heart of any practice – if it doesn’t work, neither do you – and to this end, her goal is that all dental practices, regardless of size, have the knowledge and tools to create the optimum infection prevention management plan for their practice.

Melissa Eley

Practice Solutions Manager

Mel has had a long standing career in all things Infection Prevention & Control, and like us is a passionate advocate for improving infection prevention and control in dental practices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

She has a clinical background with over 25 years in the industry, has completed studies in microbiology, is a certified sterilisation services provider, a Gold Standard Auditor for Hand Hygiene Australia and is experienced in all aspects of infection control and the application of standards for the reprocessing environment.

In addition she has lectured extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand and South East Asia on sterilisation and instrument reprocessing and is well known for delivering practical and informative presentations to help the dental team meet their legal obligations and to comply.