Get your practice ready to thrive again in 90 days. 


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The Practice Accelerator Program will provide the resources, support and the training needed to kickstart your dental practice back to financial health over the next 90 days. We’ll work with you and your practice to deal with the changes in patient expectations, to lift team dynamics, to bring back some certainty in your patient base with comprehensive Infection Prevention support and to cope with the new market conditions.

Join us and you and your team will get equipped with everything you need to get your practice thriving once again with maximised patient flow and an enhanced patient experience.

The 3 Phases of your 90-Day Program

(customised to suit your needs)

Planning Phase:

The Planning phase of this Program is essential to creating a clear roadmap towards financial health and a rapid recovery.

First 30 Days

You will receive support from a dedicated Prime Coach to help you identify the key financial levers and stresses in your practice. Having a clear financial Plan and cashflow is more crucial now than ever before due to increased cost of PPE and the potential for lengthier procedure times.

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Engaging your team by re-defining the culture, direction and vision of your practice during this period will help set the pace and energy required to meet your goals. It is important that your team and patients feel safe in your practice environment. Infection Prevention and Control practices are crucial to helping your team and patients build the confidence they need to return to your practice.

Implementation Phase

The rapid road to recovery will depend on how quickly you can re-engage with your patients. Effective communication skills at all points of contact with patients is essential.

Second 30 Days

We will explore all patient contact points  from pre-appointment, in the reception area through to the treatment room. We will support you with systems and protocols for scheduling appointments and maximising the appointment book for the potential of lengthier appointments.

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The commencement and refinement of marketing initiatives begins in the Implementation Phase. Understanding what patients need in order to return is essential as you raise your marketing and communication frequency to engage them. Ongoing upskilling and training across the entire practice will continue in areas like Infection Prevention and Control plus many other areas which will further propel your whole team towards your agreed goals and vision for the practice.

Acceleration Phase

The Acceleration Phase will help you set up your practice for the medium term and guide your practice towards a full recovery.

Last 30 Days

Keeping your team engaged and inspired can be achieved through targeted coaching and training sessions. This requires developing advancing leadership skills which are covered in the Acceleration Phase.

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Now that we have helped you with patient reactivation, the focus moves to increasing both case acceptance and patient acquisition. This essential piece of the puzzle defines the next phase with a nine-month game plan. This is your opportunity to fully explore and define this next period and have clarity around the practice potential that exists.