Why do I need to wear a Respirator N95 Mask?

In order to prevent and protect yourself from the spread or airborne illnesses as well as to comply with updated policies on PPE from the governing bodies in North America.

How do you know if my mask is working?

Simple. A FIT TEST.

A FIT TEST is the only way to determine if the respirator mask fits you properly by creating an adequate seal. This will protect you from hazardous airborne agents.

What are the risks if I wear a mask that doesn’t fit properly?

The risk is your health and safety.
A mask that doesn’t fit properly and has not sealed around your face correctly is not doing its job to protect you.

When do I need to get Fit Tested?

If you have never had a FIT TEST before and are required to wear a respirator you need to be Fit Tested according to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Under what circumstances will I have to redo a FIT TEST?

Every year or two years depending on workplace policies, CSA standards, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations or local guidelines.
– If there are changes to your physical condition which could affect the respirator fit. This may include weight loss or weight gain, surgery, piercings or major dental work
– If you are using a new respirator make or model

What is required when getting Fit Tested?

You must be tested on the mask you will be using. If your mask does not pass the FIT TEST, depending on availability, Prime Practice might be able to provide an alternative model (cost and model may vary).

Step me through the actual Prime FIT TEST.

A mutually agreed upon time will be scheduled for your Prime
Fit Tester to be at your office.
You will be asked to provide the model of respirator mask that
you will be wearing for the FIT TEST.
Our Prime Fit Tester will secure our technology to your mask.
You will be asked to wear any additional PPE such as protective
eye wear, visors and head coverings that you would normally
wear while working.
Once connected, you will be asked to go through a series of
exercises such as talking, turning your head from side to side
and nodding. These exercises are required by the Canadian
Standards Association (CSA) (Z94.B.1.5.2) and Occupational
Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.
Throughout the testing, we will be taking measurements of the
level of particles inside the mask compared to the ambient air
outside of the mask. If there is high particle count inside the
mask, then a good seal has not been achieved. If there is a very
low particle count, the mask can be considered a good fit.

Prime Practice North America FAQs
What happens if I don’t pass my FIT TEST?

If you fail the test twice this means that the respirator mask is
not a good fit or that a good seal was not achieved.
The Prime Fit Tester will try and adjust the respirator
however if it does not achieve a better seal, then we will
recommend that you do not use that make and model. Ideally,
you have different types of respirator masks available during
the FIT TEST to help ensure that you find the right respirator.
Prime Fit Testers may have certain models available (cost,
models and availability may vary).

Are you legally obligated to have a FIT TEST done if you are required to use a respirator?

Yes, according to the Canadian Standards Association (Z94.9.1.6) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, every worker using a respirator must be Fit Tested if they are required to wear one.

What are the most common ways to FIT TEST?

You may have heard of the terms “Qualitative” and “Quantitative”
when describing a FIT TEST. Both test the effectiveness of a
mask’s fit.
A Qualitative FIT TEST is based on the wearer’s ability to taste
a harmless solution at very low levels and can be considered
subjective. This FIT TEST requires wearing a hood and may take
twice as long as a Quantitative test.
Prime Practice uses the newest technology in Quantitative Fit
Testing. Our leading-edge technology measures particles inside
and outside the mask requiring no hood. This test is considered
fast, easy and most reliable.

What happens when I pass my FIT TEST?

Congratulations! You are safe.
If you pass the FIT TEST, this indicates that the respirator mask
you are using is a good fit. We will then send you an email with a
printable wallet card indicating you have passed your FIT TEST
for the specific make and model of respirator that was worn
during the test.
You may need to provide proof to your governing body that you
have passed your respirator FIT TEST and training as stated in
the guidelines.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my FIT TEST?

You cannot eat, drink, chew gum, brush your teeth with
toothpaste or smoke an hour before being Fit Tested.
Drinking water is fine.
– You need to ensure that you are healthy enough to wear a
– You must be cleanshaven where the respirator seals against
the face. Absolutely NO BEARDS allowed. This is because
facial hair can prevent a proper seal.


Simple: Click here to book a Fit Test OR contact our team at 1-833-FIT-MASK and it will be our pleasure to schedule time with you