Course Outline

This online seminar spans across 3 weeks of learning and is designed as a complete communications program.

Primespeak: The Fundamentals of Patient Communication

In week 1 we set the foundation for optimal communication between the practice and patient.

Using the New Patient Exam as the template, we will explore topics such as:

Ethical Dentistry

Define what optimum dentistry looks like and a win-win approach to communicate that to patients. Explore the two rules of Ethical Dentistry to ensure that the experience leaves the patient feeling like you’ve got their best interest at heart.

Understanding Patient Behaviour

Explore the 5 laws of Patient Behaviour that underpin all the tools and strategies of the entire Primespeak approach.
Answer questions like:

  • What really motivates patients?
  • How can I connect with patients more rapidly?
  • How do I handle patient’s strongly held beliefs?
Building Trust

Clinicians tend to communicate in one way. Patients may communicate in another. At Prime, we call these communication zones. When the clinician is not communicating in the same zone as the patient, trust can be diminished.

In this section we will explore 5 ways to Build Trust as well as what clinicians do unintentionally to lose trust.

Following the first week seminar and in preparation for the following week, participants will have access to 10 videos.

Primespeak: The New patient Exam

Most clinicians understand that there is often a large gap between what patients think they need and what clinicians know they need.

This week we explore the Primespeak approach to bridging the gap.

Strategic Thinking

In this section we will explore a more Strategic approach that enables clinicians to expose conditions that the patient may be unaware of (or unconcerned about), and to proactively preempt obstacles.

The Pre-Clinical Discussion

The Pre-Clinical Discussion is a vital piece of the communications puzzle. It sets the tone for the whole new patient exam.

Using a variety of tools, this section provides techniques that supports the clinician and the patient throughout the Pre-Clinical Discussion.

Watch an example of a Primespeak Pre-Clinical Discussion and then practice in small breakout rooms with colleagues.

The Clinical Exam

A new approach to communicating throughout the Clinical Exam, building on the techniques which were learnt during the Pre-Clinical Discussion section.

Watch an example of a Primespeak Clinical Exam and then practice in small breakout rooms with colleagues.

In preparation for the third week Primespeak Seminar, participants will have to access to  6 videos.

Primespeak: The New patient Exam (continued)

Support patients to make an informed decision about their oral health.

This week we pull all the Primespeak tools together, so that patients are looking to the clinician for solutions to problems that they are now aware of and concerned about.

The Consultation

A new approach to communicating throughout The Consultation, building on the tools and techniques which were learnt for the Pre-Clinical Discussion and Clinical Exam.

When patients own their oral health problems, they will seek solutions. Explore techniques that will be essential for the patient to be open to discussing treatment options.

Presenting treatment options

Learn a new approach to Presenting Treatment Options that is more comfortable and less stressful for both the clinician and the patient. Remove any perception of sales pressure and enable patients to feel empowered to make an informed decision.

Watch an example of a Primespeak Consultation and then practice in small breakout rooms with colleagues.


Time to summarise the Primespeak approach and explore any lingering questions as we bring our 3 weeks seminar to a close. The Conclusion ensures optimal implementation back in the practice.

Following the final 8 videos and quiz, you will receive your certificate that entitles you to 13 CPD points.

Bonus: You will now have access to the Primespeak Alumni Group on the PrimeGO Platform for an additional 3 months at no charge. Access to this community of clinicians allows you to share and discuss your success and challenges with other Primespeak clinicians.

our focus on patient communication

Primespeak. The fundamentals of patient communication

Challenge your thinking in how you communicate with your patients in a more strategic way and understand how to quickly build trust with your patients.

By using the powerful tools in the Pre-Clinical Discussion – patients will be in control, trust you and become your patients for life.

The New patient Exam. Tools for the Pre-clinical Discussion

The New patient Exam. Tools for the Clinical Exam and Consultation

By influencing patients towards optimum treatment, patients will take more ownership of their conditions and ask you for treatment. But how do you do this without coming across with a sales agenda?

You will also learn how to present treatment options in a way that patients feel more involved and engaged in the decision-making process with you as their trusted advisor