1. Quantitative Fit Test

Your respiratory mask Fit Test uses the newest PortaCount FitPro Ultra Technology. Test time is approximately 7 minutes.

Prime Practice North America
IPC PPE_N95 Fit Test PP_NA - Prime Practice North America

2. Training & Medical Evaluation

In order to receive your certificate: 

  1. Fill out the Prime Medical Evaluation Form (Different for Canada and USA) to ensure you are fit to wear a respirator. Click here to access the forms.


  2. Go to the online Respiratory Training Module page from our drop-down menu  and sign up to PrimeGO to access your 20-minute self guided training module and short quiz. This is mandatory prior to Fit Testing.


  3. We will train you on how to properly don and doff your respirator masks, including the N95.
    You will learn how to perform a proper seal check which ensures your safety well after certification.

3. Completion

Once Steps 1 & 2 are successfully completed, you will receive by email a PDF wallet size printable card.
Employers will receive a Respirator Fit Test Record of all employees that participated in the Fit Test process.

Prime Practice North America Certification